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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Who is Richard Sherman?

With Justin Beiber Drag Racing Drunk and New Jersey's Governor Looking more like a Mob Boss than a Presidential Hopeful - Richard Sherman still tops the charts as the man everyone loves to hate.

So who is Richard Sherman? If you take Chris Rocks Face and Sense of Humor, Add Whoopi Goldberg's hair and throw in a Little Hulk Hogan Attitude, you have a pretty good facsimile.
Oh yeah, throw in Ronnie Lott's Football Talent and Deon Sanders speed.  Sherman is straight out of Compton. The empasis here should be "Out" of Compton. He graduated from Stanford with a degree in Communications. His favorite class was sign language and he is active in charity.

After Scaring the Crap out of Erin Andrews in a Post game interview - realizing he had, and giving her a hug would have been the gentlemanly thing to do. But, his anger was not directed at her. Also, unlike Hogan -he didn't attempt to body slam the reporter. He had just made a play that secured his teams advance into the Super Bowl. Just prior to the interview, he attempted to shake the hand of Crabtree and was pushed away. That was something no one saw. Can't blame Crabtree either. He had just lost the chance to go to the Big Game. As is common in the NFL -the two were smack talking throughout the game. That spilled over into the interview. That's all. I don't think Seattle has a "Stand Your Ground Law"- So no shots were fired. But let's be honest - angry black men scare white people. Hulk Hogan was White. Sherman is a shade or two darker. I have blonde hair and lived in South Central for two years. Trust me - you have nothing to fear - unless you play for Denver. As much as the No Fun League wants us to think differently - this is Entertainment after all. We will all enjoy it a lot more if we take it a little less seriously. 

 In an Era where stricter rules have made it nearly impossible to play defense - the aforementioned Ronnie Lott would be fined, not praised for his terrific hits. I am all for player safety. I have no idea how you protect players and still preserve the type of game we have come to expect. I always thought it was the Defenders job to hit the Receiver as hard and violently as possible. This tends to remove the ball from their person and discourage them from returning to your area. These days - all that does is cost your team 15 yards and remove 10 or 20k from your bank account.

So I am only slightly mixed on the Sherman Issue. I Love and respect women, and never like seeing a Lady upset or scared. But he did apologize for his outburst. I bet he probably sent her some flowers too. At least I hope so.

Having said all of that - I am impressed and surprised that anyone is even able to play defense these days. I love that fact that any team is doing it well enough to have swagger and top the headlines. It has become the main storyline of this Super Bowl. No one is talking about Wilson or Lynch. So, he is actually doing this team a favor by taking the Media pressure off his teammates. What the Media should be talking about is the Match up between Demaryious Thomas and Richard Sherman. That alone will be worth the price of admission. It will also determine the outcome of the biggest sporting event of the year. 

Here is a Link to NFL Turning Point for a closer look at Sherman in and outside the sidelines: Video

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