State of The Rcok

State of The Rcok
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Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Dallas seems to think De Marco Murray is expendable, and they can plug any back they want into that offense. In my opinion - as my mom used to say "They have another think coming". The current backfield of he Cowboys is mediocre at best statistically. They just signed another back from Seattle with equally unimpressive numbers

Now Jonas Gray was just let go by New England. That was this week - with Blount already out  - suspended for 1 week. Bolden will start for the Pat's. He has failed to perform in the past and falls far short of an equal to Gray.


With Dallas - they  believe their offensive line is the key. In New England they think their pass game is all that matters. Murray kept the game out of Romo's hands. Blount and Gray keep defensive lines from ignoring the run and Teeing of on Brady.

I already bet on the Pat's - not knowing Gray was on the way out.  So, what I am looking forward to now - is for Romo to choke against the Giants and Murray to tear up a horrible Atlanta Rush Defense. Maybe a Murray Parlay would make sense this week? Giant's and Eagles? Cruz may be out for the Giants - so I may have to wait to see the plug and play Dallas offense skip. Remember Walkman's? Ask your dad. 

Photo 2: Gray actually ran toward - not away from Miami this week. He signed with the Dolphins.