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Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Dallas seems to think De Marco Murray is expendable, and they can plug any back they want into that offense. In my opinion - as my mom used to say "They have another think coming". The current backfield of he Cowboys is mediocre at best statistically. They just signed another back from Seattle with equally unimpressive numbers

Now Jonas Gray was just let go by New England. That was this week - with Blount already out  - suspended for 1 week. Bolden will start for the Pat's. He has failed to perform in the past and falls far short of an equal to Gray.


With Dallas - they  believe their offensive line is the key. In New England they think their pass game is all that matters. Murray kept the game out of Romo's hands. Blount and Gray keep defensive lines from ignoring the run and Teeing of on Brady.

I already bet on the Pat's - not knowing Gray was on the way out.  So, what I am looking forward to now - is for Romo to choke against the Giants and Murray to tear up a horrible Atlanta Rush Defense. Maybe a Murray Parlay would make sense this week? Giant's and Eagles? Cruz may be out for the Giants - so I may have to wait to see the plug and play Dallas offense skip. Remember Walkman's? Ask your dad. 

Photo 2: Gray actually ran toward - not away from Miami this week. He signed with the Dolphins. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Real Reason Jordan Lost the British Open

A Walk in the Park
"Someone left the cake out in the rain".  Lyrics from the song MacArthur Park - describe the loss of something special, due to neglect.  On Sundays, when there is no major tournament - St Andrews is a public park. Jordan Spieth left the Cleric Jug out in the rain there this weekend - due to neglect.  

History Wasted
You will hear that his 20 foot putt on 18 left him just inches short of a playoff. The truth is - he was 7 or 8 strokes better than every other player in the field. He threw them all away.  Spieth had 6 - 3 putts over the weekend. Add to that - another 4 or 5 putts for par or birdie this week that he missed from inside 10 feet. That's 10 strokes - if he makes "half" of those - he finishes (-19), wins the British Open by 4 strokes and completes the 3rd leg of the Grand Slam.

Failure to Maintain
You can get a ticket for failing to maintain your vehicle - a broken tail light, side view mirror, etc. Jordan has failed to address and maintain one of the most important aspects of any players game - his short putting. Yes, Jordan is #1 from 20-25 feet and one of the best Mid and Long range putters on tour. But he is around 200th from 5 feet. Think about how insane that is! You make putts you should miss and then give them back missing the ones you should make easily.
Jason Dufner has the same problem - let examine why?

Fear of Frying
We've all been there. $40 bet, 4 foot put to beat your buddy. We cook it and it lips out or runs 5 feet by and a win turns into a loss. The next time we have a short pressure putt - we lean back off it - lift the putter face and push or pull it.  This becomes a mental weakness in your game. The pros face the same problem - just with bigger stakes. I could write a whole article on why I think most pros have terrible putting techniques - but let's focus on a few basic facts. 

1. Follow Through
You must follow through to insure a putt continues in the direction you hit it. Jordan and Dufner follow through on longer putts with great success. They do not follow through on short putts. Yes, the greens on the PGA are fast - but there is a solution - I'll get to that in a moment.

2. Lifting the Face
Will create less putter face contact with the ball and increase the likelihood of hitting it with  more Toe (pulls left) or more Heel (pushes right). Jordan cocks his putter so far forward before he putts - he has no choice but to flip the putter face up as he putts.

3. Force
This is dictated by the amount of back-swing you take in the putt. Two inches will travel less than a full backswing like you would take for a 60 foot lag putt.

4. Tempo
is the speed your putter is traveling when it contacts the ball. Tempo is the key to Jordans and Jason's short putt problem

The Solution
Always keep your Putter Face Low to the ground.
Look at the Ball and Follow Through on All Putts
Dramatically Reduce the Tempo on Short Putts 

You can not train for pressure. So, you have to commit your putting stroke to muscle memory. How can you do that if you change your technique and look at the hole - only when the putt is inside 5 feet? The solution (above) is so simple and yet it still eludes Jordan's team and just cost him the British Open. 

Low, Slow and Thru
Try this on your own and comment - you will see that it works

Why the Denial
Jordan refuses to acknowledge the problem. It was "proximity to the hole" or "pot bunkers" that cost him the Jug this week. It wasn't. He lag putted close enough to par or birdie most of the time. 

So, why the denial? Fear I guess. He doesn't want to show weakness and admit he gets nervous on short ones. His fear of missing short putts caused him to resort to looking at the hole in the first place. That parlor trick works 50% of the time on puts he should make 90% of the time. (The Golf Channel Gurus now teach that moronic technique). He is young and invincible,  he also has a short memory. Good qualities for an athlete. However, failure to address his short put problem has become an expensive choice.  He lost The 2014 Masters by missing 2 putts from around 3 feet. He gave up 7 or 8 strokes at Memorial this year and lost by a just a few strokes. He missed half a dozen short putts at Chambers Bay and would have lost the US Open if DJ didn't choke. This week it cost him the British Open and the Grand Slam.

The Team
As I documented above - this short range putting problem has been going on for 2 years!. I believe Jordan has a great team behind him - but he is losing 4 or 5 strokes per tourney - this needed to be addressed a year ago.  I like the idea of Cameron McCormick's hands off approach. However, what good is a coach if he does not address and rectify a problem this critical and costly? He is just 21 and still needs guidance from time to time. I hope he gets it.

I have called Jordan a prodigy. I think that is actually an insult. He is a great athlete with a work ethic he received from his parents.  He has studied this game and worked his ass off to achieve a level of efficiency that is currently unparalleled. That is why it pisses me off to see him lose a tourney he should win by 5 or 6 strokes. He "is" that much better than most of the field. He proved that in Australia and at Hero.

The song Continues:

"I don't think that I can take it
Cause it took so long to bake it
And I'll never have that recipe again"

The Grand Slam does take a long time to bake, but I think Jordan will find the recipe again. 
He has a long career ahead. I just hope he fixes his short putting woes soon. We are 5 years into watching Tiger deny and ignore the flaws in his game. I do not want to go through that with Spieth. Don't forget - I am still Jordans biggest fan.  

Keep your eye on the ball Jordan!

- Rick Jansen

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The "Real Dirt" on Chambers Bay

The US "British" Open
If you read my previous blog, you know that Open Championships were invented to lure American players to crappy courses in Europe. It worked so well, they now set the standard for our Open Championships. Phil Mickelson compared the course to St. Andrews.

Golf Channel debates why Europeans have won 4 of the last 5 US Opens? Is the Ryder Cup a factor? NO! We duplicated their courses morons!  

Guess what grass is on the greens this week?
The Fairway?
The Rough?

Goony Golf
You can't even tell where the fairway ends and the green begins. Little white dots are scattered around so you know whether or not you can pick up your ball and mark it to put.  Thaaat should be fun. The greens are so undulating and crooked - you have to face away from the hole when you put some of them. It's like putting on a poorly constructed "Hot Wheels" track. The only thing missing is a giant laughing clown mouth.

Fans are Pissed
I don't get it, We're not a third world country - bowing to a capitalist oligarchy in Scotland, Ireland England. If you ask Americans what they want - they will tell you - Not This!. We want scoring!  We have Rolls Royce courses here the states that are so good - most international players can't even compete on them. The greens are too fast and pure. Two estranged friends of mine both complained today.

Michael: "It's a fricken rock quarry" I grew up around abandoned mines. That's what this is.

Ken: "What's with the brown? "I wanna see great golf, great approach shots. Why can't they play on a great course like Augusta?

They are pissed that such a prestigious sporting event has been turned into a boring, scoreless game of chance. As Tiger said (paraphrasing)  "Players will hit a bad shot and end up next to the hole, others will stick it perfectly and end up 40 feet away in a giant weed for double bogey."

Something Stinks Here
Michael was right. Chambers Bay was a sand and gravel mine for a century. It became a sewage treatment plant in 1984, complete with sludge lagoons. 20 million was borrowed to build the course in 2005 and was re-payed through public sewer fees.  Robert Tent Jones pocketed $900,000 for designing the place. No wonder George Castanza wanted to be an architect. 

With greens fees too expensive for locals to afford - the course lost millions every year. Once it was awarded the US Open - it started to turn a profit in 2013. US Open related revenues are estimated around 148 Million. To be fair, good for them - more money means more jobs - right? Maybe. What happens when the Open's over? Who's gonna pay to play a shitty course in 2 years - just because an Open was held there once? Where was it last year? That's right - you forgot*. Every city that has hosted an Olympics - lost its ass. Locals are he ones that pay the price. I hope not - well see?

It's Getting Deep
Golf Channel analyst Todd Lewis proclaimed he had not heard one negative comment about the course from players. OMG! Someone grab a hose and put out his pants. Do they keep him in a toolbox - pun intended.

What's the name of that show? "Lies from the US Open" 

 Ryan Palmer: “As far as the greens are concerned, it’s not a championship golf course; not with the way some of the greens are and the pin placements they can put out there,” 

Palmer also commented on the plan to switch pars back and forth from par 4 to par 5 from day to day. Something unheard of in golf - much less in a Major.  

Palmer said. “It will get a lot of bad press from the players. It is a joke. I don’t understand it. I just don’t know why they would do it.

Ian Poulter, tweeted on April 28 that he had talked to some players who had been to the course and they told him it was a “farce,”

Luck will have it
This is nothing new, our Opens have been delegated to links courses for years now. I know they have beautiful ocean views, but no one wanted to play Pebble Beach or Torre Pines until they became majors. It has become about the architect, not the game. Firmer, turtle-back greens and thick unforgiving rough has become a prerequisite for majors. It's about defending the course from a low score, not about who plays the best golf.

What has Brown done for you? 
I'm a big fan of water conservation.  Water is by far the biggest expense in running a golf course. We're also running out of it in the west. My local 9 hole course "Taylormade Golf Experience" eliminated water hazards. Great move, the course hasn't changed, the course is green and beautiful. 

A Bridge Too Far
The PGA just goes too far. Here in Vegas we have dozens of lush green golf courses surrounded by natural desert terrain. The the fairways are green, the rough is green, and the greens are still green. The PGA complains that balls go too far. They are running out of land. If that is truly a concern - don't dry out the fairways morons! And stop with the turtle back greens! We want to see pros stick approach shots! If we wanted to see missed shots - we'd just watch ourselves play.

Mind Games
Phil and Ricky gushed over how much they love the course this week. I'm thinking that's a bad strategy. Ricky had a great practice round and both are good on links courses. but now what? If I was playing against them I would say "Great, guess you'll shot 3 or 4 under on Thursday then! Let's see how Phil and Ricky feel on Friday afternoon and if they make the cut. I'm betting one of both of them won't.

As usual, the 21 year old Jordan Spieth was the mature voice of reason. His poker face was intact when interviewed by the Golf Channel;

 Todd Lewis:
"When you hit the tee for round #1 tomorrow, do you think you'll have a full understanding of how to play this course?

Jordan Spieth:
"I don't think so. No." 
Jordans caddy Michael Greller was married there. Jordan played there in 2010 and Greller has worked the bag at Chambers Bay 40 times. 

BTW,  Ryan Moore lives nearby and is one of my top picks this week for that reason.  
Thanks for the tip on that Michael. 

Early Casualties
Two caddies were already hurt on Wednesday, just walking this sh*t box.

The Good News!
is -  it should be a fun weekend.  Those 1000-1 tickets have a chance. I put $40 on the field at 20-1. It's like 85 players. So if you see a name you never heard of - I have them for $800.  Like I said, it won't be a test of the best golfer, but watching the pros loose their sh*t could be entertaining. 

The Bad News
is that luck will determine the winner this week as much as skill.

Congratulations Mike Davis!
You've managed to make a Sh*tty tournament even Sh*ittier


Brandel Chamblee
was once again the only honest analyst on the 700 Club, I mean Golf Channel. He stated plainly that what Davis has done is a mistake. If he had done his job - you wouldn't be hearing his name.

-Rick Jansen

*Olympic Club - just so you don't rack your brain thinking about it all day.

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Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Trouble with Tiger

is that he's starting to look like Bubba Watson off the Tee. Wild I mean. Off target and embarrassed.  Bubba is a remarkable self taught athlete. 

However, his insistence on crushing it off the tee crosses the hazard line half the time. This is why he will only win 1 or 2 tourneys each year. 
Mickelson has never corrected his driver or iron accuracy either. Like Bubba, Phil would rather show off his short game skills instead.

Tiger is capable of so much more. 

His 5 year mission to retain the length of his youth has resulted in little more than missed fairways and greens.

Foley convinced Tiger he had the magic theory - Tiger bought it and became his puppet for years. Now Tiger is pulling the strings of "Yes Man" Chris Como.  

"There may be a perfect swing out there - but executing it consistently will be just as difficult as finding it."
An archer needs to hit the target - not go through it. 
I played with some NCAA golfers this year. All they preached the whole time (to each other) was "SLOW". Slow back swing, slower on the transition. You sacrifice accuracy in pursuit of distance. Tiger needs to realize - like Spieth has - that driving it 290 or even 280 (tour avg) is long enough - if it's in the fairway and you can stick the approach shots. 

He is the greatest golfer that ever lived. 
He knows more about golf than anyone he could ever hire. He needs to go back to the Basics. Slow down, Keep your head steady.  Lose the Dip in your downswing and quit trying to crush it.  Any local club pro could teach him that. 

Golf is about scoring
base hits, not home runs. If Tiger focused on accuracy instead of distance, he would find his swing and the fairway in a few weeks. He would still be one of the longer players on tour. He has a good short game - when his swing theories don't bleed into it.  He needs to unplug the TrackMan and use the only legit barometer of improvement that exists "A Score Card".  Every really good golfer I know - avoids simulators like the plague - they ruin your game. I'll say it again, If he just went and played golf "Alone" for a month - he would come back and win. His sponsor "Nike" has a slogan he should adopt;  "Just Do It"

Screw Swing Speed. 
That crap was invented to feed egos and sell golf balls. Faster doesn't equal longer, Hell, we know that. Your practice swing is smooth, then you get over the ball and try to kill it. "Shank!  When we do slow down and hit the ball like we do in our practice swing - it surprises us how far it goes.

I'll borrow from the Bull Story in the movie "Colors". The young bull says - "Lets run down the hill and blank one of those cows". The older bull says "Lets walk down and blank them all." 

- Rick Jansen  

Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Humorous History of Open Championships

If I ever actually take a vacation, it will be to a sunny tropical island. I would like to visit Ireland though, not for the golf, for the people. I’m sure they have more to offer than the stiffs playing video poker at the bar here in Vegas. The idea of having a pint at a local pub sounds intriguing, for the storytelling alone. Plus you can make bets at the pub. But with my luck - it would be soccer season, that would be on the TV in the bar. No matter how much I enjoyed the villagers, I’d drop a cyanide tab a half hour into the game.

That’s the problem with golf in Ireland and Opens Championships in general. Low scoring. Dirty Americans do not want to watch 5 hour scoreless soccer matches. “Wow, 4 days of golf and the leader just pulled away from the field at 1 under.” The record low score at the Irish Open is (-5).

Opens are low scoring. They are played on shitty courses in shitty weather. Undulating tracks that look like an unfinished roller coaster. 

If you miss the fairway or green in high winds and rain – no problem. There are bunkers deep and wide enough to hide in. 

Bring a flask, because they are better suited for tossing a grenade at oncoming infantry than hitting a golf ball out of. You may be there for a while. 

If you miss the bunker - your ball will likely land in a giant monster weed they call Fescue. “Fescue” is Irish for "F*ck You" I think those were planted by an angry farmer during the potato famine.

Open Tournaments have a less than auspicious, even humorous history. The first Open was played in Scotland in 1860. Eight players participated. The trophy was a red leather belt with a silver buckle, yeah, like a boxing belt. Young Tom Morris - now referred to as Old Tom Morris in the Golf Now commercials, (the guy with the chicken) won three years in a row. After his 3rd win - they just let him keep the belt. The tournament was cancelled for 1871 and 1872 because they didn’t have a trophy. Tom had it. He did come back and win for a 4th time and was awarded the belt he was wearing. The belt was later replaced by the Claret Jug. 

Once golf became popular in the states, pros here had no interest in flying half way around the world to play shitty courses in shitty weather. They had to start referring to them as prestigious Open Championships, offer bigger prize money and fancy trophies to get people to play them. “Hey, let’s make the trophy better, maybe they’ll show their friends and someone will show up next year.

Now, if you want your course to host an Open Championship in the United States -  "You’ll have to make it shittier" (Sounds like  something Lewis Black would say). Let the greens dry out - so perfect approach shots bounce off, roll down the shaved rough and land 20 yards off target in a giant weed.  Give the Europeans credit, we not only fell for this Open Championship malarkey - we copied it.

The “Luck of the Irish” comes in handy on these courses. A good or bad bounce can determine the champion. Personally I like scoring. I’d rather watch a perfect approach shot stick a few feet from the hole. I get it though. It’s a manly pursuit, best enjoyed over a fifth of Irish whiskey and reminisced afterward over a pint at that pub. 

BTW I’m part Irish myself. So no offense intended. In fact, I salute the Irish for selling the Open Championship idea to the gullible yanks across the pond. Our US Open will be played here in a month. We’ll all be watching, and can thank the Irish, Scottish and English for the privilege.

- Rick Jansen

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Longest Yard - A Masters Story

The Longest Yard
Jordan Spieth and longtime mentor Ben Crenshaw sat down with Brandel Chamblee A few days before the Masters last year.  When asked what it takes to win the masters – Crenshaw raised his hands about a yard apart and declared “These are miss-able at Augusta”. Jordan looks at Ben and lifts his right hand "shhhhh".


Jordan Who?
I discovered Jordan a few years earlier and had been preaching the good news of his coming for some time. He was not old enough to drink and did not even have a PGA card. I had to look up his college stats when I found his name on the bet sheets in Vegas. He was playing on exemptions when he earned them. When I mentioned his name around the course, the response was usually Jordan who? At the John Deer Classic in 2013 – he gave me the thrill of a lifetime. 

It was Sunday morning and he was 6 strokes back. I was about to turn off the TV and go play some golf of my own, when he moved up to 5 back, then 4 then 3. As my chance to get some sun faded, so did his chances to win. The leader was in the clubhouse at (-19). He was on the final hole (-18) and needed to hole a shot from the bunker for birdie to join him and have a chance at a playoff. He did it!

He and his young caddy had been feeling their way around PGA courses - most of which - neither of them had ever seen. as Jordan climbs out of the bunker to shake his caddy's hand - he chest bumps him. Hammerheads - I love this shit! 5 playoff rounds later – he got his first win. I pocketed $900. $30 at 30-1. It was one of most of the most exciting sports victories I ever watched. It wasn’t all about the money though. Our favorite players become like family members we’ve never met. He had become a little brother. That would eventually become the case for millions of golf fans.

Magnolia Lane
Fast forward to April 2014. Tiger’s out. Its Masters week, he’s at 40-1. The media has tried to anoint Jordan as Tiger's successor. But the wins are just not there. He’s got more top 10s than any player on tour, but the pressure for him to close one out is palpable. Interest in him is waning. Most analysts feel he has a decent all-around game but nothing special in any one area and not long enough to become one of the all-time greats. I happen to disagree.  I enjoy handicapping, but I am not a big gambler, I put $100 on him, that’s a lot for me on one player. A $4000 pay off would replace a car that just blew an engine. If he was to pull off a miracle win on his first visit to Augusta, at 20 years of age - I would get custom plates and call it my “Spieth Mobile”.

Giant Killer
Win or not, he had become a giant killer.  Every time they paired him with a big name - he knocked them out in "Rocky" like fashion. Tiger by 8 strokes. Mickelson by 9. Matt Kuchar called him a "little kid" before playing him in match play at the WGC. Spieth sent him home. This week the folks at Golf channel finally caught on and called that the "Spieth factor". Jordan would face a Goliath in Rory McIlroy to begin the Masters. By Friday, Rory too had fallen. 

By the end of the 2nd round on Friday - the cut was top 50 and ties - (4 Over) or better. Almost every Big Name in the Game Missed the Cut, some by 4 or 5 strokes. Approach Shots landing 2 feet from the Pin - had bounced and ran off the greens. This place was for real and it was scary. Rooting for Spieth was like watching your kid play in traffic. This isn't Golf - this is Frogger. How can anyone survive. But survive he did - into the weekend at Augusta. The Spieth Factor continued on Saturday. Jordan took down world #1 Adam Scott.

The Masters Final Round
Its Sunday morning, to my amazement Jordan Spieth is tied for the lead with Bubba Watson at 5 under. As he stepped on the first tee box, I was on the edge of my seat. At 20, I was still pimping beer in front of 7-11 and looking for Kegger parties. Lotta pressure for Jordan at such a young age.

He is boxed in by a thick gallery of spectators and tees it up before he is even announced. The world is watching my boy - Is he gonna hook one into the trees? 

Yes.   The good news - Bubba is in the bunker. Spieth punches one from the trees, it bounces past the pin but rolled back pin high about 16 feet from the hole. Bubba damn near hits the pin and settles about 4 feet inside Jordan. They both miss birdie puts and par. On the par 5 2nd - Bubba almost drains one from the fringe. Jordan has a 10 foot put to take the lead.
Announcer David Feherty - in a high pitched Irish tone, as if he's telling on someone "Oh - he leads The Masters! "After 2 holes in the final round - Jordan Spieth takes the lead - on his own."

And a Child with Lead Them
Bubba misses the green on 3 and pushes his par put left. Spieth pars. Oh My God! Is this really happening? Jordan has a 2 shot lead In the Masters. There was a buzz, an electricity in the air. There was talk of numerology and destiny. Every 17 years, The Masters produced it's youngest winner. The last was in 1997, it was 2014.

A Familiar Miracle
By the 4th hole he's in trouble. Watson sticks his approach within about 4 feet. Jordan is in the green-side bunker. Looks like a 2 shot swing for Bubba. 

Spieth sweeps it up onto the green, it bounces twice, rolling....rolling.... hits the pin -  ITS IN!
Bubba birdies as well. Jordan's still leads by 2. He did that at John Deer!   
Something special is happening here. 

Mr. Watson
Jordan's more Wally than Beaver, but there's just enough Eddie Haskell in him to keep you interested. His habit of calling his elders "Mr." was questioned in an interview the day before the Masters. He was Paired with Bubba Watson for the final on Sunday. Spieth and Watson are friends.

"Do you have an age cut off for calling someone Mr?
"Anyone older than me."
So, you will be calling Bubba Mr. Watson?
"Yes, just because I know it will mess with him."
On the Tee at the 5th. "Nice two Mr. Watson."

Spieth Bogies 5 and Bubba pulls within 1 shot. Watson sticks his approach on the Par 3 6th within 10 feet. Jordan answers by throwing a dart 2 feet from the pin! 

Ruffled Feathers
Spieth looks up at Watson - like a little brother looking for approval. Bubba looks back at Spieth as if to say, "What are you trying to pull? Watson turns away, cocks his shoulders like a rooster and heads for the green with a stern look on his face. They would both Birdie. Spieth holds onto his 1 shot lead.

History in the Making
Bubba misses the green on 7. Spieth drains an 8 foot put for birdie and a 2 shot lead!


Is This Really Happening?
At this point I'm pinching myself. Were talking $4000 here and a chance to see my favorite golfer become a household name. You know that feeling you get - when something you knew was impossible - starts to actually happen?

Watson and Spieth have separated themselves from the field at this point. It has become a 2 man race and Jordan, with a 2 shot lead -shows no signs of cracking.

On the Par 5 8th - Jordan has little more than a tap in for par.

Paradise Lost
No! He misses it! Bogie! Watson Birdies. 2 shot swing.

His lead is gone.


The Longest Yard
On the 9th hole, for the 2nd time that day - a premonition from a well meaning mentor came true. Spieth misses a short put for Bogey. Watson birdies. 4 shot swing. Jordan never recovered. 


I can't even imagine the what was going through Jordan's head after the 9th hole. He just gave away the Masters.


I know what might have been on his mind as he stood over those puts on 8 and 9. "These are miss-able at Augusta”. 

Jordan is currently #1 in the world for puts between 15-25 feet
He still struggles with puts in side 10 feet.

The good news is - that's not the end of the story. 
By the end of 2014 the American media had pretty much written off Jordan Spieth.  All they talked about when his was mentioned was how he didn't win again. He flew to Australia in late November. The Aussies do not get see PGA pros very often. It's a long plane flight. They greeted Jordan with nothing but praise and adulation. He shot the lowest score in the history of the Australian Open that week. Literally destroying all of the best players in Europe.

Rory McIlroy tweeted about his performance: 
"You could give me another 100 rounds today at The Australian and I wouldn't sniff 63.... Well done @JordanSpieth very impressive!  

When he finished his round in Australia - he jumped on a plane for a 20 hour flight. Went to Tigers Hero tournament that very next weekend. He destroyed the best players in the United States by 10 shots. 

He took some time off. Won 3 weeks ago at Valspar. He placed 2nd the last 2 weeks. He tees it up again Thursday at the Masters.

As far as the "Spieth -Mobile" -  it's not a matter of "if" but "when".

This story isn't over yet.

Spieth went on to win The Masters in 2015. During the 2014-2015 seasons I made over $6000 betting on Jordan.

I never bought The Spieth Mobile, but a talented young lady got oral surgery and a new set of teeth. 

Thank You Jordan!

- Rick Jansen