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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Black Monday WhiteWash

A Year after World War II ended, a few Japaneses soldiers on remote islands - were still fighting the War. Not their fault. They had no way of knowing. That is, however,  the same level of detachment from reality that permeated the discourse regarding Black Monday. 

Black Monday is the day many teams announce coaching changes. This years decisions and excuses induce a Lewis Black Lip Whinny - prior to any response. 

Houston Texans
Let's start with the first team out of the gate. The Houston Texans. They fired Kubiak early - to get a head start on interviews. Interim ne'er do well Wade Phillips - stuck his thumb in the dam until the season ended for an 0-4 finish. BTW, I will never forgive Phillips for benching Flutie for Tackling Dummy Rob Johnson in Buffalo.

Bill O'Brien has been named the new Head Coach of the Texans. He rose from offensive assistant, to QB coach and eventually offensive coordinator with the Patriots. He was terminated sometime after a shouting match with Tom Brady. He then took over for Joe Paterno at Penn state. He went 6-2 and 4-4. O'Brien is known for pruning QBs for the NFL, like Thaddeus Lewis. 

Fix What's Broken! 
My first thought was Great! A QB coach will recognize Case Keenum as having earned the starting position in Houston. This would allow the Texans to use the #1 Draft Pick on something they actually need. Linemen. Houston has the 23rd Offensive Line. That is why they allowed close to 3 sacks per game and were 28th in Rushing. They need Offensive Linemen! Not a Hotshot QB from the draft - most of whom look great in college and choke in the Pros. I'm not saying use the #1 draft choice to pick 1 linemen. Trade and parlay that Pick into a couple good linemen and then pick another in lower rounds. If they do that - they will be right back in the playoffs next year. 

The Bath Water - Not the Baby 
The Texans have skill players. Foster in the backfield - with Tate and Dennis Johnson in tow. 
Andre Johnson at Wide Receiver - showing no signs of slowing down - despite an inept offense. The Defensive Line is Ranked 3rd with stars like Watt and Cushing - who just need a few less 3 and outs to catch their breath. But if you've been listening to NFL Network - they act like the Texans need to clean house and are relying on the Draft to re-build. Not good news for Texans fans - unless they just want to buy NFL Gear for their grandchildren. "Here Johnny, I bought this Texan's Hat before we had flying cars, should be worth something now."

The Texans only had 3)-Problems. 1)-Idiots Running the show, 2)-A Perennial Loser in Schaub at QB and 3)-A Weak Offensive Line. Case Keenum solved the 2nd problem. He came in and rejuvenated the team. The #1 Draft Choice allows them to trade for the offensive line personnel needed. But if O'Brien Takes a QB instead - he becomes problem number 1) again.

Schuab led the league in interceptions when they threw Keenum in the ring vs the Chiefs at home in Arrowhead Stadium. Keenum Threw for 7 TDs, 0 INTs and averaged 274 yards over 3 games vs 3 of the Best Teams in the league. KC, IND and ARI. He did not make Rookie mistakes by giving up the ball or taking Sacks. He was leading the league and was poised for a comeback vs OAK when the coaches blindsided him. He had just driven the team 91 yards and threw a TD Pass - when they sat him for Schaub. His numbers fell after that. You can't mess with a kids head that way.

Like I said, I was excited they hired a QB coach. However, O'Brien and the press have all thrown Keenum under the bus as part of the problem. Great idea, you have a kid who proved himself in the worst conditions in the NFL - Go empty your Piggy bank on an untested draft choice. The Texans will likely waste the pick on a QB and stay in the cellar for years. Don't be surprised if you see an Exodus of Stars - parting with this Sea of Stupidity.  Watt, Johnson, Cushing and especially Keenum - deserve much better.

As far as O'Brien is concerned, He needs to wake up and realize he already has one of the best QBs in the NFL. If not, all I can say about him is - this is what it would look like if Chris Kattan and Patton Oswalt had a Baby:

Bill O'Brien

See Future Blogs for Other Team Coaching Changes

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