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State of The Rcok
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Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Trouble with Tiger

is that he's starting to look like Bubba Watson off the Tee. Wild I mean. Off target and embarrassed.  Bubba is a remarkable self taught athlete. 

However, his insistence on crushing it off the tee crosses the hazard line half the time. This is why he will only win 1 or 2 tourneys each year. 
Mickelson has never corrected his driver or iron accuracy either. Like Bubba, Phil would rather show off his short game skills instead.

Tiger is capable of so much more. 

His 5 year mission to retain the length of his youth has resulted in little more than missed fairways and greens.

Foley convinced Tiger he had the magic theory - Tiger bought it and became his puppet for years. Now Tiger is pulling the strings of "Yes Man" Chris Como.  

"There may be a perfect swing out there - but executing it consistently will be just as difficult as finding it."
An archer needs to hit the target - not go through it. 
I played with some NCAA golfers this year. All they preached the whole time (to each other) was "SLOW". Slow back swing, slower on the transition. You sacrifice accuracy in pursuit of distance. Tiger needs to realize - like Spieth has - that driving it 290 or even 280 (tour avg) is long enough - if it's in the fairway and you can stick the approach shots. 

He is the greatest golfer that ever lived. 
He knows more about golf than anyone he could ever hire. He needs to go back to the Basics. Slow down, Keep your head steady.  Lose the Dip in your downswing and quit trying to crush it.  Any local club pro could teach him that. 

Golf is about scoring
base hits, not home runs. If Tiger focused on accuracy instead of distance, he would find his swing and the fairway in a few weeks. He would still be one of the longer players on tour. He has a good short game - when his swing theories don't bleed into it.  He needs to unplug the TrackMan and use the only legit barometer of improvement that exists "A Score Card".  Every really good golfer I know - avoids simulators like the plague - they ruin your game. I'll say it again, If he just went and played golf "Alone" for a month - he would come back and win. His sponsor "Nike" has a slogan he should adopt;  "Just Do It"

Screw Swing Speed. 
That crap was invented to feed egos and sell golf balls. Faster doesn't equal longer, Hell, we know that. Your practice swing is smooth, then you get over the ball and try to kill it. "Shank!  When we do slow down and hit the ball like we do in our practice swing - it surprises us how far it goes.

I'll borrow from the Bull Story in the movie "Colors". The young bull says - "Lets run down the hill and blank one of those cows". The older bull says "Lets walk down and blank them all." 

- Rick Jansen  

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